Our Pastoral Team

Father Paul Gulya (Pastor)

Father Paul Gulya was appointed the pastor of Sacred Heart of Jesus parish in April 2017.  Father Paul was one of the founding co-pastors of the parish in 2013 and most recently served as a supply priest for various parishes of the ANCC and also for other parishes in an ecumenical capacity.  He also served as chairperson of the ANCC national convocation in 2016 and again in the upcoming 2018 Convocation. Father Paul along with the late Father Pat Kane have served as the Vocations Directors for the ANCC.
Father Paul is a bi-vocational priest maintaining his priestly ministry in addition to a successful career as a Realtor marketing and selling properties in Hudson County.  He and his spouse make their home in Jersey City. In addition to his ministry and secular work he conducts collection campaigns for area homeless shelters and food pantries and visits them weekly.  He also is an avid animal rescue volunteer and advocate and several times a year participates in monthly rescue caravans driving a van to and back from Georgia for Animal Aid USA which rescues hundreds of animals monthly from high kill shelters. 
He is of the firm belief that God’s love is unconditional and freely given to all regardless of  life’s circumstance and without exception.  Father Paul believes that the Church should be a beacon welcoming all to come and experience the healing love of God.  No one is unwelcome in God’s house or at God’s table, for any reason.
Father Paul was ordained to the ministerial priesthood of Jesus Christ for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgeport, CT in May, 1981.  He is a 1981 graduate of Mount St. Mary’s Seminary and University, Emmitsburg, MD, from which he holds Master of Theology and Master of Divinity degrees.  If you would like to contact our pastor you may email him at pgulya@anccmail.org or by phone at (201) 838-8560.
Father Bernardo Cardona (Associate Pastor)

Ordained to the priesthood December 1, 2018; Father Bernardo Cardona completed his philosophical and theological studies in his native country of Colombia. He has a degree in Education with concentrations in Religious Sciences, pedagogy, management and community development. Deacon Bernardo has a beautiful family— his wife Luz, 2 adult sons and two younger children who assist as altar servers. He has served as an educator and in management positions of organizations dedicated to the protection and development of at risk communities. Deacon Bernardo is currently serving as Director of a school of adult education preparing candidates to receive their GED.  He is member of the board of directors of Angels in Action in New Jersey, where he advocates for the Hispanic community and immigrants. Since the beginning of 2018, he started a position in a day care center for people with disabilities, where he offers spiritual support and collaborates with special projects. Father Bernardo Believes that God has blessed him by leading him to the American National Catholic Church, where he can live out the multiple vocations to which God has called him— husband, father and priest. Ordained to the diaconate in 2018; Deacon Bernardo continues his formation toward ordination to the priesthood through his work at Sacred Heart of Jesus ANCC. Part of the focus of his ministry is to support the growth of the church especially within the Hispanic community, to contribute in the process of formation of new seminarians, to support Father Paul in various pastoral projects.  Father Bernardo is especially assisting with the integration of the Spanish language into the weekly liturgies and activities of Sacred Heart. Father Bernardo holds the community of Sacred Heart of Jesus ANCC close to his heart because he has been able to exercise his ministry and feels that he has learned a lot from everyone.  Father Bernardo speaks fluent Spanish and welcomes any who wish to speak to a Spanish speaking clergy to contact him directly.

To contact Deacon Bernardo email him at bcardona@anccmail.org.
El Padre Bernardo Cardona completó sus estudios filosóficos y teológicos en su país natal, Colombia. Es licenciado en Educación con concentración en Ciencias Religiosas, Pedagogía, Gestión y Desarrollo Comunitario. El diácono Bernardo tiene una familia hermosa: su esposa Luz, dos hijos adultos y dos niños más pequeños que ayudan como monaguillos.
Ha servido como educador y en posiciones gerenciales de organizaciones dedicadas a la protección y desarrollo de comunidades en riesgo. El Diácono Bernardo actualmente se desempeña como Director de una escuela de educación de adultos preparando candidatos para recibir su GED. Es miembro de la junta directiva de Angels in Action en Nueva Jersey, donde aboga por la comunidad hispana y los inmigrantes. Desde el comienzo de 2018, comenzó un puesto en una guardería para personas con discapacidades, donde ofrece apoyo espiritual y colabora con proyectos especiales.
El Padre Bernardo cree que Dios lo ha bendecido al conducirlo a la Iglesia Católica Nacional Estadounidense, donde puede vivir las múltiples vocaciones a las que Dios lo ha llamado: esposo, padre y sacerdote. Ordenado al diaconado en 2018; El Diácono Bernardo continúa su formación hacia la ordenación al sacerdocio a través de su trabajo en el Sagrado Corazón de Jesús ANCC.
Parte del enfoque de su ministerio es apoyar el crecimiento de la iglesia especialmente dentro de la comunidad hispana, para contribuir en el proceso de formación de nuevos seminaristas, para apoyar al Padre Paul en varios proyectos pastorales. El Padre Bernardo está especialmente ayudando con la integración del idioma español en las liturgias y actividades semanales del Sagrado Corazón.
El Padre Bernardo mantiene a la comunidad del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús ANCC cerca de su corazón porque ha podido ejercer su ministerio y siente que ha aprendido mucho de todos.
El Padre Bernardo habla español con fluidez y da la bienvenida a cualquier persona que desee hablar con un clérigo de habla hispana para contactarlo directamente.
Para comunicarse con el Padre Bernardo, envíele un correo electrónico a bcardona@anccmail.org .
Rev. Vincent McTighe (Pastor Emeritus- Retired)

Jan 2015  Entered Eternal Rest:  June, 2022

 Father Vincent was ordained a Roman Catholic Priest in 1972 for the Diocese of Paterson, New Jersey. He attended Immaculate Conception Seminary in Darlington, NJ, where he received a Master of Divinity degree. Fr. Vincent served in different parishes throughout northern New Jersey. He also was appointed the first Executive Director of the National Federation of Priests’ Councils headquartered in Chicago.

Fr. Vincent held various management positions in North Carolina, Vermont and New Jersey. Most recently he was Human Resources Specialist for Community Services – Meals on Wheels – of Ocean County New Jersey, which provides nutrition programs and benefit screenings for the elderly, especially the home bound.
Father Vincent McTighe, was the co-founder of Sacred Heart of Jesus ANCC parish and headed the parish for several years.
May he rest in peace and rise to eternal glory.