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All are Welcome at Sacred Heart of Jesus ANCC


We are an all-inclusive, accepting community in the Catholic tradition.

We believe that God’s love is for everyone,

that no one is excluded from God’s Love, God’s Church or the Sacraments

for any reason–

whether it’s divorce & remarriage, sexual orientation, gender identity, non-traditional family lifestyle, etc.

We adhere to the words of St. Benedict:  “All who present themselves are to be welcomed as if to be Christ, Himself.”


Congregation gathering

We gather for Mass every Sunday at 12:30 pm


pete and maureen

We love to sing.

As St. Augustine taught, “The one who sings, prays twice.”


Fr Vin at consecration

We believe in the real presence of 

the Body and Blood of Christ in

the Holy Eucharist.

In the words of Our Lord, “take and eat… take and drink, all of  you.”

Jesus did not say “some of  you”.  He truly means All Of Us.


Gathered at God'sTable

We gather at God’s Table as a Community of Faith in prayer and worship,

we hear God’s Word and receive the Body and Blood of Christ

to strengthen us to spread the “Good News of God’s Love” to all we meet.


Youngest Members

We are a well-balanced community of

singles, couples, traditional and non-traditional families

Our Church is a mirror of the Community in which we live and work.

 All are welcome, without exception!



The Word of The Lord-A


The last Sunday of each month is our

Teen Ministry Liturgy and our young people

are the Welcoming Ministry, proclaim the Scriptures,

and perform other functions of the liturgy


The Word of the Lord-J

rear stained window









   All are Welcome

Will you come visit us sometime?

How about next Sunday?

We look forward to welcoming you.